A corner to hide in
Cas is getting so good with phones

Cas is getting so good with phones

Whether he’s real or not, everything Gabriel says is gold.


Degrassi “Sparks Will Fly Pt. 2” 13x30 Sneak Peek - Miles puts a gun to Zig’s head! Thoughts?

Both of these guys are nuts.

"Hey, I’m gonna beat you up!"

"Oh yeah, well I’m going to threaten you with a gun!"

"Why isn’t Maya madly in love with us again?"


Seriously can we find out why Zig actually got kicked out


i think i visit my blog more than anyone else does

So I may have had a hunter in World of Warcraft with pets named Asmodean, Lanfear, Sammael, Ishamael, and Moghedien. Asmodean might have been the main pet around all the time because I thought of him as a bit of a pet. And that hunter may have been named Shaiel - the name Tigraine took in the Waste. Maybe.

I look forward to re-watching season 3b of Teen Wolf so I can appreciate Void!Stiles without worrying that he’s going to die.